Web Content Strategy Training

Web Accessibility, SEO, and Content Planning


In the Web Content Strategy Training, we review best practices for web accessibility, SEO, and content planning. The goal of the class is to review web-writing guidelines before you create content and to learn how to best present your content to your intended audience.


  • This class is mandatory for all users before receiving access privileges.
  • This is open to new, existing or legacy product users
  • Runtime: 1 hour and 30 minutes


  • New Distribution Users: This is included in your project costs. 
  • Existing Distribution users: This is included in your annual costs.
  • Legacy product users: This is included in your annual costs.


Below you find the key subject areas that we'll be going over, along with links to any associated user guides.

  1. Web Accessibility
    1. Accessibility
  2. SEO
    1. Content Planning
      1. General Strategy
        1. Tips to Improve Your Writing
      2. Determining your audience
      3. Utilizing the right tools
        1. Editorial Guidelines
      4. Avoiding Common Mistakes
        1. Capitalization
        2. Names, Titles, and Degrees
        3. Phone Numbers and Addresses
      5. Structuring your content
        1. Headings
        2. Content Types
        3. Features
    2. Summary
      1. GatherContent Training
        1. Offered to individuals working on new projects 

      Policies and Guidelines


      Additional Resources